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AALLC Logistics is a global logistics, shipping company, freight forwarding, delivery service located in United State of America, Nigeria and Ghana with footprints and partners in other Africa countries. With our global service and strong capacity network in Africa, we are a team of world-class, reliable, freight forwarding and supply chain management.
Alonge Ambrose Oladeinde
Adesida Joseph Adesukanmi
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Roro Shipping

AALLC is the industry leader transporting autos, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and machinery. We ship good and items worldwide to Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. We are one of the best RORO carriers in the world and offer our customers an unmatched variety of solutions to choose from.

Roro Shipping

Container Shipping

We specialize in high quality containerized shipments through a growing number of container warehouses and loading facilities. We offer 20’, standard 40’, and 40’ high cube containers for shipments of vehicles or general cargo. We privide trucking service nationwide and our container warehouses are located in New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia and Florida.

Container Shipping

Land Shipping

We have a growing network of auto carriers to move your trucks, earth-moving equipment, and much more within the United States. We are you ideal logistics company ready to move your cargo hassle free. We care care about safety and on-time delivery records are unmatched in the nation.

Land Shipping


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